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Kuan Yin & Pink Dragon Clearing/Releasing Technique


There has been a lot more releasing, surrendering, and purging for me this week leading up to the equinox. I have been doing various clearing techniques as they come up and today I had a new one come in. Kuan Yin and her Pink Dragon were with me today and helping in my healing sessions. Normally I see her Pink Dragon first, then feel her presence afterwards. When I took a walk in nature and meditated on a rock near the water, Quan Yin and her dragon appeared in front of me. I asked for assistance with clearing what was no longer serving me.


For the clearing, her pink dragon went behind me and directly in front of me Quan Yin opened up a big pink portal. Then the dragon started breathing/blowing pink magical flames from behind me all the way through me and all of my fields and into the portal. So the flames would go through me, grab what was no longer serving me and then go into the portal. While this was taking place I just kept repeating things like “I release what no longer serves me” “I surrender all that is no longer for my highest good to Kuan Yin and The Creator” and then would visualize old energies, fears, and what I have been working to release just being released and going with the flame into the portal.

I wanted to share this as this is a technique you can use as well. Meditate and call in Quan Yin & her dragon and ask that you would like help releasing/clearing. Then you can visualize the same thing I mentioned above happening for you and really feel into it and let go.

After I had walked back a short distance from leaving my meditation spot I saw a pink rock/stone that was right in front of me and was shining. I knew this was a confirmation of the experience/gift from Kuan Yin.


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