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Energy Update 11/26 – Manifestion & 4th Dimensional Energy


Felt and still feeling a big wave that came through today, started getting really tired in the afternoon and took a nap about an hour ago. Was so tired I went into the dreamstate pretty much instantly with all the lights on in the room lol. Started feeling heart chakra/heart palpitations within the last couple of hours too. Now I’m feeling the energy come back and starting to be more energized.

I’ve been doing major clearing work through my whole life and have the last bit of it to work through this week which will be finished by the start of December. After that I sense that for myself and others in a similar phase that “law of attraction” and manifestations with intentional effort will start to come through successfully. I will be playing around with the 33×3 and 55×5 techniques in December to test this out. I will use the example of money. You could say I want to manifest $1000. Then you would visualize you sitting a table or where ever, opening your wallet and pulling $1000 out of it. Even visualize and look through the bills adding up to that amount (like counting 10, $100 bills on the table). Focus on the smell of the cash, the feel of it, the vibration of it. The main thing is with that technique to see everything like it has already happened and been given. Then you hold the visualization while you write 33 times out what you want to manifest line by line and do that for 3 days or write that intention 55 times a day for 5 days in a row. You could write “Thank you for the $1000” or even just keep it more general like “Thank you for all of the abundance, joy, and love.” The main thing is trying to hold the intention while you write it out. After the 3 days or 5 days, you completely let go of it and then just wait, see what happens, and be open to how it comes. I used the example of money, but you can play around with it for whatever you want. When I do it I will see what intuitively feels right.

Overall there are many manifestation techniques, including just simply using thoughts. Over this last year I sat in meditation and visualized a blue ball manifesting. I did this for a couple days in a row and shortly after there was a blue balloon hanging by a stop sign as I was driving by. It wasn’t a ball but it was very close. Then within a week after that a huge blue hot air balloon made an emergency type landing right on the ranch I’m staying on lol. I looked out the front window and there was a giant blue air balloon straight ahead one day. I don’t think the technique will matter too much, just that more of us will be at a spot after this clearing phase to be able to do that to create and receive what we are wanting/needing.

From my Mantis guide:

More of the 4th dimensional energy has been able to come into the planet and physical bodies which is furthering the physical DNA upgrades. This is part of the process for what is being cleared out right now as well. As the DNA continues to activate further, all the old memories and energy have to be let go of so this is what is happening for many at this time. As Meashenu has been told there is a difference between energetically receiving and integrating through the energy bodies versus those upgrades reaching the physical body. You may have received a DNA upgrade 6-12 months ago and that went through successfully but your physical body is just now catching up and starting to integrate it throughout all of the cells which takes time. Those that are further along and have been at their journeys for many years are able to integrate much faster and eve in present time reality. For those that have awakened within the last couple of years and those awakening now, what others were able to integrate over longer periods of time, are now integrating massive amounts of upgrades/activations while doing clearing all together. Everything happens in the NOW in the higher dimensional parts of each self and these are all received and done in the NOW energetically, but the physical body ends up playing catch up as it can only integrate so much at any given time. It’s kind of like picturing a measuring tape that has been pulled all the way out with dispenser part of it acting as the higher dimensional self and energetic bodies while the very end of the measuring tap with that little metal clip on it is the physical body. Now the little button was pushed back to have the tape come all the way back into the dispenser and it does as fast as it can, but it still takes time. Some may see the 4th dimensional energy as a lime green color energy, maybe a little brighter of a green.

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