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How The 3rd Eye, Telepathy, & Intuitive Information Works


How the 3rd eye works and how receiving intuitive knowledge works were two areas of spiritual development that took me a bit to understand. I had to be told the same things over and over again and finally it started to click.

The information in this article has come from other people that have helped me along the way and resonated with me, as well as just confirming it intuitively myself with what resonated with me. I can’t claim that this information is true. You will have to figure that out for yourself and see if it fits. If this doesn’t resonate with you and is just a stepping stone to finding another answer that does, then that’s great too! I also may come back from time to time to update this post.

About The 3rd Eye

As it was explained to me the 3rd eye is more of an antenna/transmitter/receiver that comes out the middle of your forehead between the eyebrows. I know for another energy healer his was more like a unicorn horn (energetically) sticking out from his forehead. Mine last time I checked was more like a cone that was small in diameter at the base like a horn would be. These antennas were also able to be developed further in this life as more work was done spiritually, but the main development of them came from previous lifetimes where major spiritual work was done. The lives where we had focused on spiritual work the majority of the time we were alive in that incarnation.

I also see the 3rd eye being part of the pineal gland as well that sits inside your head. It’s kind of like one big connection. So the information would come through the antenna or through the forehead area then go back in a line energetically to your pineal gland. The pineal gland then shares that information with your mind to make sense of the information.

The 3rd eye chakra I also see as connected to this, but also different. The chakras are energy portals and a system on their own. I believe that one of the first things that starts to happen for most of us along our journeys is that the chakras become more open and active. With my experience with chakras so far, is I use them more for cycling energies through in and out of my body and tapping into their different energies. The lower chakras being more for helping stay grounded in the 3d reality and hooked into the Earth while the upper chakras are there to help explore higher consciousness in meditations and assist with receiving information. So they are connected, but doing their own thing.

It’s a combination of those that I really see as the full 3rd eye. I don’t believe once your 3rd eye chakra is open you will just suddenly start being able to see visions and start receiving 3rd eye information. That could happen for some, but for a lot of us there is more work to be done and more psychic muscles that have been dormant for too long that need to be re-activated and used again to develop and grow.

It was described to me that my telepathy muscles were atrophied. My guides spent about 3 full weeks draining my physical energy to bring my 3rd eye back online and then from there I’ve spent time practicing with it and integrating it to build it back up. Your situation can be completely unique to you, but mine has taken more time and work to get working. I also meditate at least once a day and most days I meditate more than once.

Type of Information The 3rd Eye Receives

One thing that really confused me for a while was thinking that the 3rd eye was all about sight and visions. That ended up getting me focused on that while neglecting the abilities and information that was already working and I wasn’t noticing them.

The 3rd eye can bring in all kinds of information. You can receive feelings, intuitive knowledge, visions, and more from it. It’s like your communication hub. Basically all of the Clair type abilities can be related to the 3rd eye. Clairsentience (feel energy), Claircognizance (suddenly knowing, like intuition), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (sight & visions). It was explained recently to me that generally one of these clair abilities will be activated first for us. Then the others kind of come along after that one after the other. For me it happened to be 2 abilities first, clairsentience & claircognizance. Because I would see and speak to so many spiritual people that were seemingly using sight and sound abilities with spirit the most, I ended up really wanting those first. I was kind of neglecting the abilities that already were there. When I finally accepted that I needed to work on the other ones first, I started really making progress fast & improving them. Since taking ownership of that being one of my stronger abilities and keeping my awareness up, that has clicked in for me now. I also started confirming things with a Pendulum which is helping.

Intuitive Abilities & Information

All clair abilities can really just be looked at as the conscious development of intuitive knowledge, to go further with it.  It comes as a lot of knowing things suddenly, type of information. So even when using abilities like remote viewing, someone may not actually see as a vision but it would come as an intuitive knowing. Maybe you are remote viewing a rock and instead of vision of that rock, you get information that creates more of a vision. You just suddenly know the shape of it, the color of it, where it is, etc. This information can turn into a vision or it may not and it’s just more of a knowing.

Not long ago I remember driving around a parking lot and there was a  bigger car like a van blocking where I would turn and where another car could come by. So basically I couldn’t see around the corner and if someone was driving to turn there, they wouldn’t be able to see me either. As I was kind of pulling up I just suddenly had the information or sense come to me that one was coming right around and adjusted accordingly. I kind of even see this as more of intuitive knowledge. The information just suddenly came to me. These types of things happen to us all of the time, it’s just a matter of starting to become aware of it and developing it from there.

There is also intuitive knowledge we can pull from our Soul & Higher Self. So we can intuitively pull information from our past lives and the knowledge that is already within us from our soul. For example maybe you are doing research on something like the Pyramids and then suddenly just know something about them that isn’t listed anywhere. This could be because you lived in that time period and that is part of the knowledge you are pulling in intuitively. So when you explore past lives and that information comes in you may not get visions of being there like a memory but more of a knowing of things about it.


Telepathy is the exchange of information energetically between two or more beings. Telepathy can also work between you and your higher self. This is also connected to intuitive knowledge because the information can come in that way and then you suddenly just know it.

How I was taught to connect into people and different beings is Heart to Heart. Our Hearts are antennas/transmitters/receivers too! So how this was explained to me for receiving information is connect heart to heart first, then the information comes through the heart, then goes to the 3rd eye sticking out in the forehead area, then travels back to the pineal gland, and then the information goes to your mind to make sense of it or form a picture of it.

Telepathy, I look at as being able to send simple messages like you could just send the information for a chair or a picture of a chair. Or it can be more complex like sending a packet of information so you suddenly know that it’s a chair, but also know how the chair was built, how it’s used, and what it’s made out of it. So information can come as one letter at a time, a word, a whole sentence, or more, through the energy that you receive.

For a lot of people that I’ve come across with the sight/vision abilities active, a lot of time our guides and higher consciousness beings seem to make a lot of hand gestures and movements to describe things. There’s a lot of hand motions they show so it’s kind of like sign language mixed with receiving intuitive information at the same time to understand it.

The other note is that for a little while during my initial awakening my Guardian Guide really wasn’t being subtle about communication. He was sending me a lot of information, visions, and feelings during that time. Then he brought it down to where it became much more subtle. So I think part of it is he wanted to make sure I put in the work to improve my abilities so I could pick up more of the subtle energies/information he was sending. So how much you receive could be related to how frequently and intense the information your guides are sending at that time too.

How Meditation Helps With Telepathy & Intuitive Information

There are many forms of meditation you can do and find online. I will also be sharing different ones on this blog.  One of the main parts to a lot of meditation is to simply be in a state of not having thoughts. You are just in that present moment and your thoughts are calm. When you meditate a lot, you are able to go into this state of consciousness easier and more at will. So when you are looking to have intuitive knowledge come in or using telepathy, it’s easier to then ask the question, then get in that state with no thoughts. That way whatever information comes in you know is the answer from your guides or higher self. Otherwise it’s hard to tell if your thoughts are constantly running because then determining what are your thoughts, what is intuitive information coming in, and what is your guides speaking to you. Also in a meditative state, you can receive visions and information without asking questions and it will just come to you. Which is easier to trust the information when it comes that way.


As I have been told,  these things are different for all of us. How you end up hearing, seeing, knowing, & feeling information could be completely different from how someone else is doing it. They can see a vision one way and you see it a different way. This took me a while to finally accept because I wanted to be like the readers and energy workers who were working with me and wanted their exact same abilities.

This could mean messages and information come to you in much different ways too. You could receive messages from nature and animals. Certain birds, insects, animals may physically come visit you and give you messages. You may repeatedly see the same word or phrase pop up. You may get number synchronicities. You may get tingling sensations that mean a you are on the right track or other physical sensations on your body somewhere. It can be a completely unique thing to you that no one else experiences the same way. Since my clairsentience is really strong right now I notice my mental state kind of changes. Even while writing this article there was one sentence I wrote and then all the sudden I got a little dizzy and felt weird. Then deleted that sentence and the feeling went away. So I’ve now become aware of how the feeling energy works for me. If my awareness wasn’t up I wouldn’t have noticed that and written it off as something else. So keep your awareness up and see how these things work out for you :).

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