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Incredibly Expansive Zoom Room Experience


Last night on 12/18 my soul brother Derek (GuidingDLight) and I hosted another Zoom room. We have done this several times before and each time is incredible. I’ve done a lot of group healings and received a lot of 1on1 sessions from different healers over the last few years for the experiences. Out of all of those, whenever we do these rooms I experience more energy flowing into my body, activations, and healing than many of those other experiences combined.

The experience last night started mostly with D, Nicole, (a powerful feminine soul sister) and myself. We brought energies up into the chakras and powered them up, clearing them out. Expanding and cleansing the chakras. Once up to the 3rd eye chakra we went around that whole space and front of the head to also clear any cobwebs that were clouding 3rd eye visuals/information. Once we were done expanding the crown chakra we used a loop and created a sort of ring that cleared all attachments and old energies that were around.

Then we created a big pink sphere above us all of the Creator’s energy and the 3 of us went into there. We held space for everyone in the country in the peaceful energy. When we were done we brought that energy back down through us and down the back of the head into the spine and down the spine and then put it down through the legs. It was very powerful, could feel the vibrations all through the body.

I can’t really share anymore in chronological order as we ended up doing so much more. So I’ll just share the parts I can remember from here in no particular order.

At one point we pulled up energy into a diamond above our heads, through the body and spun it really fast. We did several auric field cleansings and expansions too.

There were several times we went into other dimensional spaces and either were seeing the same things or experienced something unique to each of us. We first brought energy back into our bodies at one point to activate all the crystalline light in our bodies. At this point we were getting very high vibrationally. Then from there we moved into a different dimensional space and created a big fire where we acclimated to the energy of the flame. After acclimating we each jumped into the fire and turned into the fire/particles and shot up even higher dimensionally. At this point I saw that I was in space but also felt like I was floating in water. I saw this giant cosmic whale being that opened its mouth and I went in, and it was like another portal. Ended up somewhere to receive some downloads. The others felt like they were in space too and they saw a big ball of light with a spider being on it.

After coming back from that experience, we ended up chilling out for a bit. Then we moved to a cliff location with a wooden bench on the cliff. This brought us into the angelic realms. At this point I felt my 3rd eye vision come back online more and saw a white angel. Something came up for me that I have been working on with the angels and I started to piece more of that together for myself, which I’m still working on. We hung out in that energy and we each had our own unique experiences too.

There was one other person that joined the zoom for a bit and then our friend joined at some point (can’t remember which point) I think it was close to this next section. We discussed some light language and we asked if there was anything else we wanted to do. I mentioned Nicole had been wanting to do something with dragons. We were going back and forth on this as usually the dragon interactions we do are very high dimensional and we’ve found that not very many people can follow along or go where we end up going. I have the Dragon Oracle Deck by Diana Cooper and decided to pull one of the Dragon Cards to see what would happen. I pulled the Omega Dragon Card (I’ll post an image of that below this paragraph). After the card was pulled with the white omega dragon the dragon energy started to come in for us and we poured that divine energy down through the top of us into our bodies. Then we brought that energy into the core of Gaia and we did a combination of turning ourselves into trees and cocoons with that energy and anchoring into Gaia. When I was in the core of Gaia I talked to her for a bit and she was being funny with me… saying “You don’t talk to me enough anymore!” and I was laughing as she was just joking around.

From that Gaia space we moved into inner earth and generated a whole bunch of more energy that was getting us all vibrating all over and was that almost orgasmic level of energy for those that are sensitive enough to it.

That was about it, but by this time my 3rd eye and head had received so much my temples were feeling it. I had to drink some water I charged up with my hands and eat some pineapple.

I was in the Zoom room a total of 4 hours. I know people ask us to record these and upload them, but it’s not a short 20 minute formatted thing. It’s a unique moment to moment thing when we are in there and we have a lot of fun. We take breaks throughout and we stop and talk about things, then we circle back around and do more. These are incredibly expansive sessions that we do that we are finding are only meant for those that are truly ready and committed to experience it. If some join that aren’t ready to go to the higher dimensional spaces we went to last night, then we keep things at a place that everyone who is there can do and it still is very expansive. Participating will allow you to go further in the future. We don’t promote this a lot as we know whoever is ready will show up. And we are more than willing to help anyone that comes and asks questions or needs assistance/support with something they are going through.

At the moment we don’t do these every week and when we do them they are Wednesday nights at 10pm Eastern time. We post the events for these in the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEnergyHealing/. If you are interested in joining you can join the group and watch out for the event notifications when they are created. We may expand the zoom room to other days and times in the future as well, so keep an eye out in that group and on this site for updates.

Alternatively I’ll start an email list. If you want me to email you whenever we do these, send me your email address to meashenu@gmail.com

We’ve been doing these for free but we greatly appreciate any donations or energy exchanges in other ways. That can come in subscribing/liking/sharing social media pages, getting one on one sessions, donating, or sharing our services with friends. I’ll share the links below.

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