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Short Message From My Mantis Guide 9/3/2018


There are many going through the struggle of wanting to SEE. This is partly due to there being many that are sharing and putting themselves out in front of everyone that have vision gifts. Because they are constantly sharing their visions and talking about what they are seeing, others become envious and feel like they are much lower on a totem pole with their spiritual gifts and journey than they really are. There is no totem pole, but only a round table where no one is above another. When you tap into and develop what your natural gifts are and not compare your gifts to what gifts others have, then you can really start to receive a lot more messages from your soul and guides.

You are all being assisted greatly at this time to have experiences that will help you come further into mastery of your own power, gifts, and your purposes here. Each of you have things that only you are able to share with the world and others. Be open to receiving attunements and upgrades from beings of light and love that have your highest good in mind. Ask to receive and open yourself up to receive for your highest good every day when you are doing your meditations, yoga, walks, or whichever method works best for you to tap into your spirit.

Love & Light


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