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Box Clearing Meditation Technique


The box clearing technique is one that is out there, I’ve seen others share it and use it before, but wanted to share it here as well. I used this one this morning and it helped me with purging.

Box Clearing Technique: What I do first is to write out everything that is bothering me and that feels like it needs to be released. This can be fears, frustrations, anger, disappointments, complaints, and whatever else just flows out.

After the writing is complete I will meditate and visualize that the energy from what I wrote out is fully released from my being and then is sucked into a magical box. For me I see darker colored energy coming off me and going into the box where it can be transmuted. I ask my higher self and guides for assistance in this process and also ask that anything else that is ready to be released, be released and be pushed all the way out of my auric field and go into the box. Sometimes we release things but that energy hangs around in our aura and isn’t fully pushed out. So putting intention and visualizing the energy go all the way out helps a lot. The other thing that I do is ask that all my chakras spin counter clockwise and also release any energy that isn’t serving my highest good anymore. After I spin the chakras back clockwise and pour light into them. I close the box when I feel the process complete and give it to my guides and ask that it be transmuted. You can experiment with this and adapt it to whatever way resonates with you the most. The image I created represents this and helps suck negative energy in, so you can send the energy into the image to help as well.


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