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Connecting Below & Above – Full Meditation/Grounding Technique


This is my process for the start of every meditation I do. If I do this first thing in the morning then I raise my vibration and clear my energies.

1.) First I imagine myself as a tree made of crystal and light.

2.) Then I imagine a cord of light going from my heart chakra down through the lower chakras until I get to my feet. From there I visualize giant roots of light extending out from my the bottom of my feet and going all the way down into the crystal core of the Earth. I will also imagine big roots coming out of my toes and just anchoring me into the Earth more. Once the big roots hit the crystal core of the Earth I bring up the energy back through my feet. When the energy enters my body I visualize and put intention to have it go throughout my entire being on all levels and I push out any lower vibrational energy out of my body and out past my auric field. When it gets past my auric field I transmute the energies with the violet flame energies. I sometimes just imagine the entire room I’m in filled with the violet flame so when the energies are pushed out they are automatically transmuted.

3.) I then imagine a cord of light from my heart chakra going up through the upper chakras. While the energies from the Earth are still in my body and I’m done pushing the negative energies out, I will imagine branches of light extending out the top of my head and connecting to our sun Sol (some people connect to the central sun or something else above, whatever you want to connect to). When the branches connect into the sun I push the energy up through the branches until it goes into the sun and then cycle it back out of the sun (this is where I start to imagine an infinity loop so the energy loops back down) back through the top of my crown, all the way back down through my feet and back down into the Earth. This completes a full cycle of the energy.

4.) At this point I usually will connect to the Arcturian Orange/Red Star, the Pleiadian Blue Star, & Aestarm. So there will be 4 total stars our Sol (yellow energy), Arcturian (Orange/red energy), Pleiadian star (blue energy), & Aestarm (white energy). The stars may send different energy and different colors of energy too, so it could be different for you, but I generally just imagine those colors.

5.) I then visualize those energies above my head and coming down through into my crown chakra and spreading throughout my entire being on all levels.

6.) When the energies get to my feet I push them out through my feet a little bit, then imagine my aura being filled with that energy and lighting up. I also just visualize holes in the aura being stitched back together and put my intention on energy repairing my aura. Even if you don’t “see” where the holes are, just putting intention on this will make sure it gets done. From there I imagine my aura getting thicker and stronger.

7.) Then I push the energies down into the roots of light and down into the crystal core of the Earth and loop them back (Infinity loop) and bring them back up. Right before the energies get to my feet I fill my auric field again.

8.) When the energies come back through my feet this time I put the intention on the energies activating all of my chakras as it flows through my body and activating and flowing the energies through my kundalini tube.

9.) When the energies get to the top of my head I will push them back up through the branches of light and cycle the energy through the sun and back down. I generally will see this process as complete when the energy reaches my heart area.

I imagine the infinity loop where Earth is the bottom middle of the loop, my heart is in the intersecting point in the middle of the infinity symbol, and the sun is at the top middle part of the loop.

This is the full process for me that connects me both below & above, clears my energies, anchors in energies for the planet, activates all chakras/kundalini, and raises my vibration.

Normally after this point for me I do an additional clearing by asking the Archangels I work with and my guides to clear all lower vibrational energies from my entire being on all levels. Then continue on with connecting to my guides, entering my sacred heart space, sacred liver space, or just being still and seeing what happens.

The other note is that sometimes I just connect to one star or when I bring energies down from above I will just connect to my soul group/star family and guides and ask that whatever energies are needed the most be brought down through my crown chakra. I do shortened versions of that too and since I’ve done it so much it’s a lot quicker process for me. You can just use this as a starting point and create your own way based off of it and change it around for whatever will work best for you.

Grounding: doing just the lower part quickly (imagining roots going out from feet into the crystal core of the Earth part & roots coming out of the toes) is a great grounding technique so I generally will do that part a couple times a day. I will do that when I’m not meditating and have my eyes open. Also when I’m standing or going on a walk I will do it while I’m walking.

Add on: one method of astral travel I used a little bit at the beginning of my awakening you can add onto after you complete the steps above. When you are all done with the steps above you can imagine a silver cord coming from your heart and bring that down into the the core of the Earth and back up to your heart then imagine yourself as a ball of light and wrap your emotional body in another layer around that ball of light then start astral traveling. The emotional body part is supposed to help you remember your travel more. That method wasn’t one of my favorite ones but might work really well for you.

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