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New Service – Candle Healing


I’ve started to offer candle healing and have had great results so far. A lot of healing can occur through the candles and the element of fire.

I connect to your energy while I am holding the candle. Often times I get an image or several images of what to place in the candle. This can be anything from a star, flower, animal bird or insect, to anything else. I then pray with the candle and charge it up with healing energy. If I am guided to send any direct healing to you during this process I do as well. Once I light the candle I take a picture of it and send it to you, letting you know I started the process.

I monitor the candle over the course of it burning and working for you. This can reveal a lot by monitoring it.

This is a fascinating process for me that is very enjoyable because every candle burns differently. I like to use the big candles that burn for 2-3 days. But sometimes the candle will burn all the way down in less than 1 day. That’s usually when someone is receiving a lot of healing energy. Other times I see the candle burn slow and the wick can get knotted up. This is working through a blockage and when it is done, then it starts burning much faster. the candles drip down the sides and create patterns that can also reveal other information.

I take notes of how it goes and at the end I take another picture and show you how the candle looks when it is finished. I also tune back into your energy and see how it feels when it is done.

This can be done for you, friends, family, and animals. If it is for friends and family, I check intuitively to make sure it is appropriate. And I also program the candle that it only goes through if they are receptive and choose to accept the healing. This way it is not forceful and is respectful of their free will.

Mostly I like to work with the white colored candles for healing. If you are having issues with relationships, blockages, manifesting, and so on then let me know and I can get the appropriate colored candle that will be best suited to that.

Suggested Donation: I would like to receive $25 or more for this service. Each candle cost $3.50 when I buy them in town. If you need help and are unable to donate that amount, please feel free to get in touch.

If you want the candle healing with a small candle that will burn for 2-3 hours, I can do that for any donation amount. Those ones I still see images to put in them and charge them with energy, but they often do not reveal much with dripping down the sides and creating patterns. They can still be a powerful way to receive healing for 2-3 hours.

Email meashenu@gmail.com to schedule.


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