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Releasing Judgements During Times of Division


Anytime we can become aware of a judgement is a chance for us to release it and expand our own ability to hold more love for all, including our self.

Right now there is a lot of division and through this time of the election there are many opportunities to become aware of more judgements we have of people that do not believe/support the same thing we believe/support. And be able to love them for who they are. This gets us out of the mentality of “I’m right they are wrong” and “us vs them” division and moves us into unity consciousness.

I still have judgments that came up but each time I become aware of one I am grateful. Shifting and releasing these, even one at a time, over years has helped me tremendously. Also the understanding that all is a mirror and we are all one, so judgements I have of others are ones that are about myself and vice versa.

Love & Blessings





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