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What Are Etheric Implants?


Etheric implants are essentially small energy devices that aren’t able to be seen by the naked eye and are placed energetically in your auric field or different areas of your energy bodies. However I have also experienced them in other forms than devices such as eggs, venom like energy, and there was one a while back that was going around that was in the form of small worm-like things. Most cases they are devices, however, implants seem to evolve and change over time. Etheric Implants I’d say have the main objective of lowering your energy frequency to keep you in a lower state of consciousness. Implants are generally easy to remove as well.

Some of the signs there may be Etheric Implants & what they are capable of:

  • Sapping/draining energy or information from you. You may end up being unusually tired or feel mentally like your thoughts are being clouded.
  • Manipulating your thoughts to be negative. Maybe you suddenly start experiencing a bunch of fear or doubt that wasn’t there the day before.
  • Suicidal and depressing thoughts. One day you are fine then the next morning you wake up having some really dark thoughts. If this is the case feel into it and think back. If you were happy and everything was great the day before, this could be an implant.
  • Manipulating your emotions to be negative
  • Blocking your intuition, abilities, remote viewing, astral projection etc.
  • Manipulating a belief of yours to change or be set to a something specific
  • Feeling blocked or feeling like there is interference in your spiritual work. Such as finding yourself unable to meditate or connect to your higher self and spirit guides.
  • Feeling like you just don’t want to meditate. Like you are avoiding meditation and just have been staying away from it.
  • Energy blocks. Sometimes these are placed in your energy meridians and stop the flow of energy there.
  • Physical issues such as pains, blisters, old injuries flaring up, & other strange physical manifestations that aren’t normal for you.
  • Medical-like issues. Maybe you go to the doctor for something and they say nothing is wrong with you but there the issue is still there. This could be an implant.

Just to be clear, these issues can be related to other things aside from etheric implants. These things can be past lives coming up for clearing, an entity, & a wide variety of other aspects that may just need to be cleared for you. You may just be having a bad day. As we continue along our spiritual journey there will be different forms of clearing that come up.

How Do Etheric Implants Get Placed & Where Do They Come From?

From my experience most of the implants that were placed in me were from some kind of attack. The attack comes in with the objective of placing an etheric implant. There are many ways the attacks can come. Most of the time for me they happened while I was sleeping in my dreams. Some implants are there from past lives too. So as you start raising your frequency you may have some pop up ready to be cleared out that have been with you for a while. Other implants are said to be placed in us the second we incarnate into this world at birth. Others are from different times in our lives so they may have been there for a good amount of years. As far as the exact methods that have been used to place them I don’t have that information. If I find out I will add it to this post later on. Seems like it’s not a very difficult thing for implants to be placed in us unfortunately.

From my understanding of where they come from it’s mostly from the 4th dimension from the beings there that have seemingly cut themselves off from the unlimited energy supplied to us by Source. So they have to siphon and leech energy off of us in order to survive. Dimensions are just different frequencies of existence and they have levels to them as well. Supposedly these beings only exist in the first half of the 4th dimension. From the second half of the 4th dimension and higher dimensions/levels these beings can’t exist. This is from my perception though, others may have different viewpoints on how they perceive where they come from.

Some of My Experiences With Etheric Implants

I was fortunate enough to work with a very advanced energy healer through my awakening and journey. He was able to see implants and was very skilled all around. I ended up removing probably about 15-20 of them with his help that were on different areas of me. I think the amount for me was more on the higher side than most people have as I was one of the more bigger targets for attacks (it’s very common for healers to be targeted).

There were ones removed from my head that were making my thoughts really negative. A couple of times I knew there was an implant because I would wake up and all the sudden be thinking about something crazy like killing myself when the day before I was good and that was the last thing on my mind. So I started to keep my awareness up about these things and I knew something didn’t feel right, that thinking that way wasn’t normal for me. I did find out there was an implant and once it was removed that feeling went away completely. I’ve also had to remove 2 different sets of implants from my mouth. They were in my gums and jaw area and were meant to target my expression. Both times I had to remove implants from my mouth I knew something was wrong because I would suddenly have weird blisters pop up out of nowhere on the inside of my lip and gums (when I know I didn’t burn those areas or anything like that, that would also cause a blister). When the implants were removed those blisters were healed within 24 hours. One period I had those blisters for days or a week and they weren’t healing or anything, they just stayed there so that was another sign I knew something was wrong.

I’ve had other implants placed around my heart area in the meridians to block energy. When this happened it manifested by the energy not flowing very well in my right arm. My wrist and arm felt like it was being cut off from energy and felt really weird. Kind of like when your leg falls asleep but in the wrist. I could feel the energy not flowing there. When the implant was removed this feeling went away right away. I’ve also had some removed that made me feel blocked. I couldn’t feel energy that I normally did during meditation or I just intuitively knew something was blocking me that wasn’t normal.

How Can You Prevent Etheric Implants?

You can use protection like imagining a mirror around your body and having a loving light on the inside of the mirror and the violet flame & gold energy on the outside of the mirror. You can also ask your higher self, guides, archangels, or ascended masters to help protect you from attacks and implants as well.

Can You Remove Etheric Implants Yourself?

I’d say yes and no. You can also ask for them to be removed in your meditations. I ask Archangel Rafael and my guides to remove implants, entities, and clear my energies every day in meditation. I can’t say that this has worked every time though. There were times I needed to have help from someone else to remove them, for whatever reason I would try to ask the Archangels and my team to remove them but it wouldn’t happen. Other times I feel it has worked.  It won’t hurt to frequently ask for them to be removed though, so I highly recommend it.


I was mainly able to determine when implants (and other clearings) needed to happen along my journey by keeping my awareness up. As I started healing myself, clearing past lives, and went along further I noticed that my thoughts were much more clear. My emotions were very stable and I was more calm, collected, and in control of these things. So I was able to start noticing when these states changed and something felt like off. So if you feel something is off then it could be related to etheric implants, however, as mentioned it could be something else too. Not everything is related to these.

I have a team of guides that are there to help me specifically with implant & entity removals. They come into every healing session I help others with and I ask that if we come across any implants or entities that they remove them. I can usually confirm whether there were etheric implants removed in sessions, but not always. The best way to see, is if you had some of these symptoms listed here on this page that quickly went after a healing session. As I mentioned with my experiences with them, most of the symptoms disappeared immediately for me when they were removed, but some would take up to 1-2 days to fully heal/recover afterwards.



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