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Throughout much of my healing journey and expansion there have been experiences with doors and keys.

Many years of my life before I started dedicating myself back into my spirituality in 2016, I would see a door in my mind. It was always fleeting and something that would flash and wouldn’t think anything about it. When I started working with a healer remotely in 2016, during one of the sessions I brought this up as I had seen it again. It was a big ancient stone door/gateway that was locked. During the session he guided me to find the key and I opened it.

The doorway lead to one of my ancient Egyptian lifetimes where I was a female named A-Shrama. I was levitating and using an anti-gravity type of device to help build the pyramids. Opening this door was an important piece to my overall awakening and bringing back pieces of my consciousness.

Over the years after that I would have various experiences like that of accessing doors to other lifetimes or being given a key that unlocks a door within me to more of my consciousness.

Towards the end in 2019 I came to a point that I was feeling powerless once again. In a way that my guides and higher self were holding power over me, deciding too much for me (illusion). I seemed to constantly try to do something or want to get into an embodiment and they would step in and say “you aren’t ready for that” and I would be blocked. And honestly this pissed me off a lot. It resulted in me bypassing this and going straight into my soul and Source and taking my power back. This was done by taking back my keys. Pieces of me being held by guides and other aspects of myself that didn’t seem to want to let them go. Within my inner space I pulled all these keys back to me. Thousands of them, if not more came from all sorts of dimensions and places. There was a gigantic pile of keys I couldn’t even tell how many were there. All different materials, shapes, and energies. There were a few that were stuck that I had to do some more work on retrieving them, but after a week I was able to get them all. At first I attempted to start using the keys one at a time and look through the doors they opened. But there were so many keys that I could do that for many years and not get through them all. So I went through a process of using all the keys at once and opened all the doors at once. This resulted in much more of my consciousness being ignited and integrated. It was a very powerful experience of taking my power back. Which was strange because I was really taking the power back from myself & my own perceptions, illusions, and choices.

But when I think about that now it’s not so strange because power can’t really be taken from us unless we give it on some level, whether consciously, subconsciously, or in some pre-planned orchestrated way before we incarnated. Which is why regularly doing an exercise where you pull back all the power you have given away and energy that is out there, can be a big help.

I’m still finding doors and keys and suspect I will for quite some time as more of myself is ready to be unlocked, explored, and integrated.

Next time you tune in during your meditation go within your inner space and see what doors and keys are waiting for you and available.

I also recently had a very powerful experience with Kuan Yin and opening more doors. You can read that on the blog or click here: https://meashenu.com/kuan-yin-powerful-experience-mid-january-2021/

Love & Blessings

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