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Kuan Yin Powerful Experience – Mid January 2021


Kuan Yin came in strong with flower energy and in my sacred space. When she comes in I normally see a lot of flowers in a sacred flower type of space and sometimes a temple. This time it was a sacred flower spot with a pool of water and a waterfall. I began interacting with her I was interrupting her with my thoughts when she was guiding me to show me something and she called me a stubborn ass.

Then she brought me to the library of God, the akashic records where I integrated around 8-12 lifetimes of different embodiments and lessons. Some that I remember were egypt, atlantis, lemuria, the chinese master lifetime, dragon, and wizard, as well as feminine. This was done by being in the library and seeing a flat stone like table in front of me. Each lifetime appeared as a book or tablet with light language in it and they were laid out in front of me in horizontal rows, 2 rows in total. For each one I would place my hands on it and tune into it, connect to it, and then see what thoughts and images came into my mind.

After the akashic records she reminded me that all I am looking for is already within me that I can access anytime. That I was ready to open some doors.

The first door was the doorway to my master healing abilities. In this it was showing and reminding me that the healing comes from myself and God, but during all my healing it’s a group effort as one. I have been stuck thinking I need to be able to see or get more information for healing, but that’s been the biggest block. It’s really about having complete faith in myself and God, and my guides and trusting that whatever is needed will come through. In that trust whatever information is needed will also flow through me and come naturally. The doubt is the block. Inside the space through this door was white energy and the healing energy and mastery I have within myself. Which will take more visits and I can access anytime.

The next doorway was also huge and it was the doorway to my feminine side. This was the most important and it was pink energy. Going through the doorway was a reminder to sit in the feminine, the nurturing energy, the receiving and bringing things into creation, believing to see, having faith. Feeling my body, energy bodies, auric field, and everything in my life and reality. Feeling the unconditional love of the feminine and loving unconditionally in return.

In this energy I was shown/received how much my feminine has been out of balance. And what the romantic relationship I experienced in 2020 was mirroring to me the entire time, the biggest mirror, was my own feminine and how it was not in balance. When my own feminine is not in balance, then I cannot attract the higher vibrational female my heart and soul wants to attract. The doorway and key to all I am wanting to create, embody, and assist with resides in my feminine being in balance and embodied.

Then I was seeing the feminine and masculine within myself, like a yin and yang, 2 sides of a coin. But that didn’t seem right, that was still duality. I started merging them into one, including the feminine and masculine parts of my body and brain, all into one complete unified whole, not a dualistic separation.

My steps are now integrating the feminine and unifying the two to completion and embodiment.

The 3rd door was the doorway to God. A huge golden door in the clouds that I stepped through and felt the divine connection to God. In this energy, one with God’s presence is also the key to my higher embodiment moving forward. I have seen and gone through this door before and was very familiar with it.

All 3 doors are linked to each other and once harmonized will be the huge piece of the puzzle I have been longing for but was not ready for. I am ready now.

I have another post about other experiences with Doors & Keys, you can read it one here: https://meashenu.com/doors-keys/

Love & Blessings

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