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Lion’s Gate Energy Integration Instructions


I wanted to relay the information from my Guardian Guide (he’s from Sirius) about what I was instructed to do for the Lion’s Gate portal tonight and tomorrow. Ari helped interpret my guide for me, you can find her FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/stariari333/

Tonight 8/7 go outside and meditate for 30 minutes, take a short break, then meditate for another 30 minutes. Put intention on the Lion’s Gate Portal and receiving the energy into your body. You can visualize the energy as gold and blue colors. Don’t forget to call in your higher self, your guides, and soul groups of love and light to assist you.

After the meditation visualize a fire in front of you and put all of your intentions in there. Put intentions for career, abundance, receiving upgrades, & whatever your other intentions are that you would like to happen. I usually include some for the whole planet too. When putting intentions act like everything you are asking for has already been given to you. Thank Source/God for everything you’ve asked for and giving everything to you (again like it’s already been given).

Tomorrow 8/8 meditate for a total of 2 hours. I’m going to break it up into 30 minute meditations at 4 different times of the day, but you can do it however you want to break it up. Focus again on career & abundance, as well as taking in the energies from the Lion’s Gate Portal into your being. Remember to call in your higher self, your guides, and soul groups of love/light.

For taking in the energy just make sure your intention goes to take that in and integrate it on all levels of your being across all timelines/dimensions/realities.


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