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Self Hypnosis Technique


Sit or lay down, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Put your intention on your toes, imagine that every cell and particle is just relaxing

Now feel the top of your foot and bottom of foot and everything just relaxing

Keep going up, now to your ankles, then shins/calves, imagine the muscles, tendons, bones, every part just becoming as relaxed as possible. You can imagine the cells and vibrations becoming slower. Move up to knees, back of thighs, front of thighs.

Keep moving up and do this for all parts of your body (lower back, stomach, upper back, spine, upper chest, shoulders, arms, hands at your own pace). You can also focus on digestive processes relaxing and becoming calm in the stomach too.

Take some deep breaths throughout the process and on every exhale just imagine becoming more and more relaxed. Put the intention that this happens on EVERY breath you take, so every breath you are more relaxed and more relaxed.

When you get up to the neck and head area, make sure to put intention on your jaw, cheek, eyes, forehead, top of head, back of head, every part of your head being as relaxed as possible.

Even put intention on your thoughts being relaxed as possible and your mind relaxed. Any lingering thoughts you can just put inside a bubble and have the bubble float away.

You can also imagine waves of water energy going throughout your entire being just relaxing you even further throughout the self hypnosis process.

When you finish the head you should be in a completely relaxed state, perfect for healing. Should take around 5 minutes or so, but go at whatever pace is appropriate for you. If you need to repeat it, that’s ok too.

You can modify or change this around and make it your own too. Start from the head instead of the feet if you want to and see how that works. There’s lots of methods so feel free to check out YouTube and research others if this doesn’t resonate with you.


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